by Jocko

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wyatt_the_fool Been anticipating this one and oh boy does it deliver! So groovy so slammin! Some of the very best hardcore the state of NE has to offer. Favorite track: Looking Glass Self.
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William Don't fight the feeling, fight the one that made you feel it 😇 Favorite track: Shades of Green.
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All songs written by Jocko.
Art by Cameron.
Additional lyrics on Muddy Waters by Alex Heller.
Cuts by DJ Really Real
Tracked at Make Believe Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Don Fury.

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released September 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Jocko Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: No Money, No Problem
Ask us how we're livin, your answer is our grimace
Ain't a damn thing funny Jocko handling some business
Climbing over bodies hunger is real
Fortunas wheel gives a fuck how you feel
It's gonna getcha
No money no problem, no money no pride
No money no problem, the jux justified
Track Name: Best of Me
So many wanna live on the way to die
A wryness in the grin of destiny
Another one lost in the charade of time
I won't let this cold world get the best of me
I don't wanna, I don't wanna move
See the writing clear as day and night
Societies plight may it rest in peace
All for one is just a waste of time
I won't let this cold world get the best of me
I don't wanna, I don't wanna move for you
Track Name: River City Stomp
Simian spawn from the middle of a rock
Video killed the vim left the system in shock
And the feeling don't stop
Still the children seek the rhythm of the river city stomp
You got the feel, you know the deal
You can't leave it alone
You ain't real unless the river runs deep in your bones
You know the moves and routines so keep it on the low
from the slew of moodswings
My people in the know ready to choose a new dream
Beneath evil's nose eager to grow
Track Name: Shades of Green
Visionaries getting buried while they're living
Bare witness to a perilous existence
The air is thick pollution impair the senses
Careful where you step the root of evil is within inches
Wars at the front door people in the trenches
Torrential blood pour lethal injection
Machine of greed imperialist agenda
Release the beast five oh lead the procession
Body bags and dollar signs
Founding fathers autograph the dotted line
Volatile visceral spark the crime
Pillaging the block to keep a piece of the rotten pie
All rise for your honor
The righteous have fallen go and buy what you wanna
I'm just following the way that I was raised to be
We all pray faithfully to different shades of green

Way out, feel the force the world moves against you
Break down, reveal your worth a verdict of servitude
Pray now, give life and let your god desert you
Faith drowns, vultures circling above virtue

Pushing daisies through eyelids
Got you consuming while you sleep
If all this bullshit is relevant, why is the truth obsolete
Opressor got the upper hand
Spitting crumbs with tongue in cheek
In the company of karma, blood is what I seek
Track Name: Muddy Waters
Deep inside reaching for light
I try to find peace keeping my eyes closed
Dreaming of the leisures of life like
Believing it's alright has never creeped in my mind though
At times I wonder who to trust walking on muddy waters pools of blood
You know this cruel world is too unjust
It's all muddy waters pools of blood
Some emerge through the dust walking on muddy waters pools of blood
Mothafucka nothing's new to use it's all muddy waters pools of blood
I keep it moving

Strongest suffer longest it's our turn to burn this long list
At least they fucking profit off our empathy
White supremacy masked as democracy
We no longer aim to please refuse to live life on your knees

I feel the venom of the strike devil in disguise
balancing the lies told
Forever in denial death is imminent for now it's a battle for survival
Track Name: Substance
Gimme gimme gimme everythings so fucking pretty prick
The vain of vanity realities so shitty
Won't you take me back I'm looking for that good stuff
Ain't no good at nothing but your boy's got that hookup
I gotta let em know
Where's the substance? Is there nothing new?
My blood is running dry dying while I wonder what to do
Now take a little nibble off this dry and brittle bone
May not be much to you but this is all I call my own
Hollow halls I roam in search of another muse
My blood is running dry dying while I wonder what to do
Won't you let me know?
Track Name: Jungle of Stone
Jungle of Stone home of hatred filled with boiling blood
Until the soul is vanquished
The mood is wrecked this evil world
Can't bring to light serenity
Gotta prove yourself the feeble curl from the wrath of life that's dead
Face the big mistake
Had a moment lost momentum now deal with the shame
Leave your secrets at the threshold pride can meet the present
Keep an eye out for yourself
Season of Depression
Track Name: Sands of Time
I've slipped I can admit it
Though at a price couldn't handle life
Without a grip on the minutes
Ain't no playing in the sands of time

I tend to focus on the friction
Without just due or sacrifice
A firm grip on the minutes
Now we're playing in the sands of time
Track Name: Soylent Green
Light on the prime, time is all I got
The time has come to acquire funds I'm tired of struggling
Hungry enough to bite the dust
Just meat in the grinder, look alive don't avoid the means
Do you need a reminder we all live off soylent green
Void of loyalty this whole world is
Void of loyalty soylent green
Track Name: Looking Glass Self
At a loss when I look at my reflection
Watching me watching me in disgust with no resentment
Best to keep a distance from myself or else I'll get it
Will is weak still I breath and think that it's pathetic
Waste of life pay the price lies you touch
I don't know what I've become
Faded prime vapors rise inside my lungs
Soon you'll see the future isn't bright enough
You would think I choose to be a pile of nothing

At a loss when I look at my reflection
Another wrong done live with the regret
I feel a second wind underneath acceptance
Keep my composure or I'll spill whatevers left
Track Name: Civilized
Patrolling the streets playing god with a simple mind
Am I supposed to believe a coward with a gun will keep it civilized
Bringing the fear out
Appear powerful I feel the fear now
People weary see it daily when police round
Gimme a reason I should think a pigs a hero
Idle hands behind a badge
License to kill fire at will
Divide the masses rivals clash violence instilled blind to the ills
Don't resist keep it civilized
Don't the pigs keep it civilized
Kill my identity to civilize an empire of prisons

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